10/11/2012 Hadron Collective (Seattle), Album review , 'OSO NEGRO – Butchered EP'

I was at a show at Nectar Lounge in Fremont, Seattle to see the homie Kublakai and his event Noisemakerfest and got to catch OSO NEGRO live as well. Dude knows about flow. I also had a chance to chop it up with him after the show. Super cool cat. One of the few that one meets and thinks immediately “this is a down to earth cat”. OSO hails from quite a few places actually but resides currently in Treasure Valley to the best I can tell from his Reverbnation page. BUTCHERED EP is his latest release and can be downloaded for the price of the time it takes to click FREE here. This is probably my favorite of out of his catalog. Produced by PHIL A., this EP is short and straight to the face with a smooth stroke of hip hop exerting seemingly little effort. I dig the nonchalance in his delivery and the excellent word usage. I have embedded my fav track of the EP called TRIPE LIFE feat the producer PHIL A.