10/01/2014 Boise Weekly, Album review , 'New Releases from Audio Moonshine, Audra Connolly, Edmond Dantes and Oso Negro'

In mid-September, the prolific black bear of hip-hop, Oso Negro, released Unkie O. Oso Negro, a.k.a. Steve Stein, used soul-music samples and a more deliberate delivery than on previous releases because he wanted to create a "classic hip-hop" album. Stein said with Unkie O, he was striving for something "more fun and accessible than some of the esoteric and psychedelic stuff" he has explored on earlier records, adding "although those latter elements are certainly present." The single "Strawberry Pie" has seen some radio play as far away as the Magic Valley, and on Friday, Oct. 3, Stein leaves on a 10-day tour, sponsored by local custom longboard company Sibbz that will take him and Illumneye crew member Ed Able across four states for nine shows. Listen to and download Unkie O--and check out the cool cover illustration by Storie Grubb--at osonegro.bandcamp.com, where Stein has a message for fans and newcomers alike: "It's your Unkie O here to provide some support, joy, and tough love. Let's take a ride and chop it up for a bit."